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Will the real fake Steve Jobs please stand up?


Saturday November 12, 2011

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NEW post on DES: From Old Paris to a New Internet

Credit card blockade against WikiLeaks apparent success

From the nothing-to-worry-about-here dept

Wednesday October 12, 2011

On-Shoring, Off-Shoring, Bad Code and Cyber Security

New post on DES: The Cost of Virtual Currency

Saturday September 24, 2011

From the nothing-to-see-here-folks department

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Another example of the Gray Area

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Trying very hard not to be evil?

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Censoring Social Media?

Go ahead then, blame the victim

Patently Crazy?

Oh How the Game has Changed

American Cell Phone Use and "Unwanted" Interactions

A Third Politcal (Internet) Party?

And on the third hand...

Terrorism's Next Move on the Internet?

Global Rise in Cybercrime, up 56%?

Tuesday August 09, 2011

International Telecommunication Union: Mobile Subscriptions Outnumber Toilets Worldwide

Twisting Twitter Towards Crime

Operation Shady RAT's targets...

I see faces everywhere.

Thursday August 04, 2011

DIY = Destroy It Yourself

Biometrics + Police = Death of asking for ID

Operation Shady RAT -- Back (again) to China

More Kinetic than Nuclear Weapons?

The Mantle: (Not) Mapping South Sudan: A Lesson Learned?

Saturday July 30, 2011

The Problems with Free

(Legally) Taking Down Hackers?

NSA to disclose its relationship with Google? Um, No.

Cybercriminals scam to the hilt on Norwegian tragedy

NATO breached, Anonymous publishes "restricted" data.

India and U.S. team up on data and cybercrime

Tuesday July 19, 2011

Lack of PIN codes makes "hacking" phones easy-peasy

Saturday July 16, 2011

U.S.-based Cisco, HP to help China watch its citizens

The Lemmings of Social Networking

Google... our external memory system?

Thoughts on military responses to cyber attacks

Thursday July 14, 2011

New international alliance on cybercrime

Tuesday July 05, 2011

The Mantle: Breachfest State of Mind

Sunday July 03, 2011

Lulzsec inspires?

No more "lulz" to be had?

Monday June 27, 2011

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